How to transition to a new email address

Get a new email account

You can get a free account or buy a personalised email address.

Free email accounts are available from providers such as Gmail and To get an account, search the Internet for email account setup, choose a provider and register for an email account.

Or you can buy your own personal email address. If you buy a custom domain, you can fully personalise your email address, such as Search the Internet for ‘purchase domain name‘. You’ll need to subscribe to an email service that lets you link your unique domain name to your email address. There are many providers including Google who offer this.

Tips for telling everyone your new email address

Find all the places you might need to update with your new email address.

Copy key emails over to your new account

Once your new email account is ready, you can copy emails from your Kent Inbox to your new account: see our instructions for how – you’ll be asked to accept some data protection conditions first.

Set an auto-reply to tell people your new email

So that people start using your new address as soon as possible, set up an automatic reply on your Kent email account.

8 responses to “How to transition to a new email address

  1. I was getting popups a few times a minute, saying the kent service could not be accessed.
    So I changed the default email service to one of the other emails, and deleted the Microsoft Exchage option.
    Now, even after closing all other windows, and rebooting, I am getting : “Cannot open the folder. The set of folders cannot be opened. There is not enough free memory to run this program. Quit one or more programs then try again.”
    I have 8 GM memory, 3.8 GB free.
    Disk : 11 GB on C: and 105 GB free on D:
    Any suggestions ? Thanks.

  2. Hi, I changed 3 forwarding emails (including gmail) to real addresses, and set Outlook 2007 to access them directly, as well as kentforlife. Worked nicely.
    I copied all my kentforlife mail to a personal folder on the d drive.
    I archived 3 key subfolders to a file on the d drive.
    After re-booting Outlook as requested, it is still trying to access kentforlife.
    All my other email access have gone.
    I see the kenforlife folders have gone as expected, but neither are any of any of the Archives or personal folders on the d drive visible, just some old archives on the c drive.
    Can you advise how I access these, and re-gain the ability to use email on the laptop ? (I seem to still be able to use at least one of my accounts to send and receive on the iphone, but I have not yet re-started it.)
    cheers, Dr. Beau Webber

  3. Dear Paul,
    Sorry for the delay in replying. We realise that there’s a lot to do when moving email and the time feels short the closer it gets to July. We gave everyone 6 months’ notice as our first email was sent in February.

    Please get in touch if there’s anything we can do to help make the transition easier for you.

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