Added value at your fingertips – How Library and IT services can be a game-changer

By joining Kent you gain free access to a vast collection of books, e-resources, cutting-edge technology, premium software, and even digital entertainment!

Access to this range of excellent Library & IT services not only adds literal value to your university experience, but serves as an absolute game-changer in maximising your opportunities and empowering you to thrive and succeed during your studies:

Academic Books: Don’t buy – borrow!

We understand that acquiring the necessary resources for University can be a daunting and costly task. Our Templeman and Drill Hall Libraries house millions of books and e-resources with the aim of providing free access to every book on your reading list. By borrowing instead of buying, you not only save money but also gain the confidence of knowing a vast array of knowledge and resources is readily available to you. Explore the wealth of information available at Templeman Library and at the Drill Hall Library.

Lean Library: Your cost-saving companion

Imagine browsing online for a book or resource, only to be pleasantly surprised by a helpful pop-up from Lean Library. As a Kent student, this handy browser extension notifies you when the very same item is available to you for free! It bypasses those frustrating paywalls and tedious login screens, making your study journey seamless and budget-friendly. Get ready to save both time and money as you unlock a world of knowledge at your fingertips. Install Lean Library on your device.

Microsoft Office 365: Access premium software

In today’s digital age, maximising the potential of your academic pursuits requires access to relevant and reliable software. That’s why we provide you with free access to the latest Microsoft apps, a comprehensive suite of tools that enables you to unleash your creativity, collaborate seamlessly, and excel in your studies. With Office 365, you can dive deep into your assignments, presentations, and projects, all on up to five of your devices. Discover more about this valuable resource.

Laptop loans: Unlock the possibilities

While at Kent, you’ll need sole use of a laptop or desktop PC in order to engage with the essential role technology plays in your educational journey. If you are unable to fund one yourself, don’t worry – as anyone who needs it can apply for financial assistance towards required IT equipment. By supporting access to the right equipment, we aim to unlock possibilities, empowering every student to thrive in their academic journey. Find more information on how to apply .

Digital downtime: Free audiobooks, e-books, TV and more

Academic pursuits are essential, taking time for rest and rejuvenation is equally important. As we offer a world of leisure reading through Libby, where you can discover the treasures of literature, explore new genres, and indulge in captivating stories. Additionally, our on-demand TV and radio service, BoB, provides you with a diverse range of entertainment options, from thought-provoking documentaries to entertaining shows. Explore the world of Libby and discover BoB on-demand TV and radio.

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