At the School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Research (SSPSSR) we are committed to embedding international, and globally-relevant, values, relations and resources into the development of all aspects of our activity across the key areas of research, education and engagement.  

Supporting the University’s Internationalisation Strategy, we aim to raise the profile and increase the international esteem of the University of Kent and its research, and to champion and extend the University’s unique position as the UK’s European University.   

Whether through our leading global research projects and publications, our transnational engagement and partnerships, our European, Asian and North American Study Abroad programmes, our focus on international student recruitment, or our critical attention to issues of cultural diversity and decolonization in curriculum and pedagogy, SSPSSR is dedicated to highlighting and extending our vital internationalisation initiatives. 

In this blog, we aim to showcase, through contributions from SSPSSR staff, students and alumni, our current internationally-relevant activities and achievements, while opening up a dialogue concerning the dynamics, challenges and possibilities of internationalisation at Kent and beyond.