Professor Miri Song awarded US grant.

Professor Miri Song, along with their colleague Carolyn Liebler from the University of Minnesota, have recently been awarded a Russell Sage Foundation Presidential grant (one of the most prestigious sources of social science funding in the US) to carry out a 2 year mixed methods research project about the multiracial population in the US.

How does a mixed-heritage person’s racial identification influence other aspects of their life? They will contribute to prior work by combining a quantitative analysis of US census data from 1980 to 2016, as well as in-depth interviews with racially mixed people in different parts of the US.

This research involves:

·         Integrating three related areas of study – self-identity, choice of marriage partner, and ethnic and racial identification of children;

·         Comparing experiences of White-American Indian, White-Asian, and White-Black people in the USA; and

·         Utilizing 75 in-depth interviews in concert with analysis of census data (from 1980-2016).

Upon completion, they will publish these results with the US academic press.