Tizard Centre hosts Japanese visit for CBT training

Visit addresses gap in treatment initiatives in Japan

In September 2018, Prof Murphy (Tizard Centre), Dr Neil Sinclair and Dr Rowena Rossiter welcomed 10 visitors from Japan, including Mayumi Howie (Prof of Psychology), Takeshi Hirai (Professor of Education), Yoko Ise (psychiatrist), Yoshiko Hashimoto (lawyer), and 4 social workers (from Nagoya child guidance centre).

The group of professionals had travelled to the Tizard Centre in Canterbury further training in SOTSEC-ID and Keep Safe. CBT is a relatively underused treatment Japan for people with intellectual disabilities and/or autism who have harmful sexual behaviour. The group came with Masako Suzuki, who acted as Translator. Masako is also chair of the Itabashi Parents association for persons with developmental disorders.

After 3 days with Prof Murphy, Dr Rossiter & Dr Sinclair, the group also visited the Prison Reform Trust (to meet with Jenny Talbot) and met with Respond. Finally on Friday, Prof Murphy accompanied them to Oxleas NHS Trust to meet with facilitators of SOTSEC-ID groups and some experts by experience.

More information about the Tizard Centre’s research and training expertise is available on the website.