Want to learn a new language?

Our top 8 reasons to take a language taster session

Language Taster sessions

Enhance your student experience, learn new skills, and earn employability points with a language taster session.

The sessions are part of the Study Plus scheme, a wide range of non-credit-bearing courses for University of Kent students.

All courses are free to students who are currently registered on an existing degree.

Learning a new language has a ton of positive benefits. We’ve outlined our top 8 below.

It’ll make you smarter (no, really!)

According to a British Academy funded project, there’s substantial evidence to suggest that learning a new language increases your academic achievement and creativity in language use. The project claims that “around 90% of studies looking at the effect learning a language has on achievement in other subjects […] report a positive impact, across English language learning, literacy, maths and science”.

There is also evidence to suggest that learning a new language improves your memory and critical thinking skills, enhances ability to focus and improves listening abilities.

Language taster sessions

It’ll set you apart in the job market

Having language skills can make you stand out and increase your career options. The demand for bilingual professionals is on the rise, and employers are often looking for candidates who are able to communicate with clients overseas. Give your career journey a boost with a new language!

It’ll help you become a global citizen

Part of being a global citizen is learning how to be part of an interconnected world. Connecting with other languages and cultures will deepen your cultural intelligence (CQ) and enable you to thrive in a range of different cultural contexts.

It’ll broaden your horizons

Learning a language is all about getting out of your comfort zone, both figuratively and literally. A deep engagement with a particular culture could lead to a trip – or even a job – overseas. And, as a speaker of a local language, you’ll be better equipped to interact abroad, engaging more fully with the people and the place you’re visiting.

You’ll make new friends

You’ll have lots of opportunities to meet new people as a part of your learning journey, whether it’s at a taster session as a beginner or later on a trip abroad. Expand your social circle and make international friends with your new language skills.

It’ll boost your confidence

Learning a new language is a great way to build your self-confidence because it’s a highly social activity. Interacting with others is a huge part of your learning. As your language skills grow, so will your confidence as you learn how to converse more fluently.

And imagine the sense of achievement you’ll get from speaking to others in a new language.

Language taster sessions

You’ll be more than a tourist

As a tourist, you only get to see a very small part of a culture. As a language learner, you’ll be able to engage more deeply with a place, speaking with the locals, finding out about hidden gems and avoiding the tourist traps.

You’ll get better at understanding your first language

Learning a new language necessitates that you get to grips with the building blocks and rules of your first language, such as verbs, nouns and adjectives. You’ll gain a greater appreciation for the relationships between words and the quirks and nuances that make your first language unique.

Plus you’re likely to build your vocabulary along the way too!

Interested in learning a new language?

Try one of the taster sessions taking place this week.

The sessions take place on Wednesday 15 March and are suitable for beginners who would like a taster of languages. Previous experience is not required.

At the session, you will:

  • Develop an introductory understanding of the habits and cultures of your chosen language
  • Learn about key traditions
  • Find out how to pronounce a range of simple words
  • Participate in some basic, everyday conversation
  • Learn how to introduce yourself
  • Learn how to say hello and goodbye

Sessions on offer include:

All events are available both in-person and online.

Why not broaden your horizon, build your social circle and improve your employability skills with a taster session? Book your place on Target Connect.