Ombea clickers now available for loan

This year we Ombea available on all Lecture room PCs if you wish to make use of it. If you haven’t heard of Ombea before, it is a tool that allows participants to answer questions/vote via PowerPoint or other packages and see the results live. It could be useful for instance to informally test students on something they did in a previous lecture.

More details can be found at:

To use Ombea, you first importantly need to arrange an account via:
Instructions to setup and integrate within PowerPoint can also be found in the first link above.

Students only need to bring a device with an internet connection to be able to take part, though for those without devices – we have up to 30 Ombea clickers available to loan, which can be used as a backup.

A crib sheet with basic level instructions can be found here.

Feel free to pop by for an informal chat too if you want to know more about it and if anything from the above is unclear.

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