Collaborating in Qualtrics

More of a challenge than it perhaps should be

Hi all. More than a few people have been in touch with the Psychology support team recently, regarding  difficulties collaborating with co-researchers and supervisors.  Most commonly you will try to add someone in the school but Qualtrics will present you with the error message: “you do not have permission to collaborate outside of your organisation.”

I’ve noticed of late that Qualtrics has become really picky with the methodology used in searching for and adding a collaborator. The following guide should help you out.

Although accurate as of 22nd Oct 2018.  Qualtrics is constantly updating and evolving, this guide could go out of date very soon.


Qualtrics Collaboration Guide:


  1. Use the search function and enter the desired users full Qualtrics username (should match Kent email address and must be accurate to work)


  1. Just below the search box a user suggestion(s) will appear if you have entered a valid username.


  1. Click on the desired suggested user, the Add+ button will turn blue.  Now click the Add+ button


  1. A pop-up window will open.  Add a custom message if you wish then click the green OK button.


  1. Select the level of permissions you wish the collaborator to have by ticking relevant boxes.


  1. Click Green save button.

Qualtrics’s own support page for collaborating on a study can be seen here:

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