New Windows 10 tablets available for experiments and loan

We have recently brought in 11 new Windows 10 Linx 1010b tablets for use for experimental and general use within the School of Psychology. The decision was made to bring these in as a replacement for the old iPad 1 tablets (which can no longer be connected to the Kent network for security reasons).

During the evaluation of the tablet, we found the following benefits which helped establish our decision to purchase a set:

  1. They can do everything the iPad 1s could do for us (Qualtrics access, Slide presentations, show videos)
  2. They can run PsychoPy and EPrime experiments
  3. They also run Inquisit for online experiments
  4. Runs the Microsoft Office suite
  5. Comes with 2 USB slots, for data transfer or peripheral attachment
  6. HDMI micro slot to output to larger screens/projector with an adaptor
  7. Can install most Windows applications, with no restriction to Apple store
  8. Charges with any standard micro-USB cable + plug
  9. Comes with a keyboard attachment, enabling additional use as a basic level laptop (useful if our laptops are all out on loan)
  10. Decent hardware specification – 2gb Ram, Intel Quad Core Atom processor, Back and front cameras at 2MP and 32Mb of internal storage (extendable via SD card).
  11. Cost is about 1/3 of the price of an iPad replacement, so we should be able to get more for our budget in the future and have more available as a result.

Please feel free to come and borrow one to test out and see how they could be useful for your experimental work.   If you do plan to make use of them for such work, we recommend getting familiar with the interface beforehand.   We will be happy to help demonstrate or help set up anything that you specifically need.

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