We Have the Technology…

You may be familiar with the high-profile experimental equipment here in Psychology, such as the eyetrackers and the EEG units; you may even be aware of the generic items available for loan such as the voice recorders and our ageing stock of first-generation iPads, but did you know we also have the following specialist items in our inventory?

Frank demonstrating the Pulse Oximeter
Frank demonstrating the Pulse Oximeter

CMS 60C Colour Pulse Oximeter (above)

Compact and simple to use, this device indirectly measures the oxygen saturation of your blood by passing light through your finger. It also provides real-time pulse monitoring and USB connectivity.

Braun No touch + forehead thermometer NTF 3000

As its name implies, this device can take a person’s temperature by simply pointing it at their forehead.
Manufacturer’s page: http://www.brauntherms.com/our-products/no-touch-forehead/

Mini-Wright Standard Range Peak Flow Meter

Used for the measurement of peak expiratory flow in adults and children.
Peak flow meters explained: http://peakflow.com/top_nav/background/index.html

Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Straps around your chest and transmits your heart rate to a wrist-mounted display unit.

Lion Alcolmeter SD-400

Or, to put it another way, a breathalyser.
Manufacturer’s page on breath alcohol physiology: http://www.lionlaboratories.com/testing-for-alcohol/

Bedfont Micro 4 Smokerlyzer

Breath Carbon Monoxide monitor.
Manufacturer’s page: http://www.bedfont.com/shop/smokerlyzer

Jamar Plus Hand Dynamometer

Measures grip strength and displays the results in units of your choosing on an LCD display.
Manufacturer’s page:


If you want to borrow any of these items or try them out to see how they might be useful to you in your research, please visit the Technical Office at A1.06.

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