Fixing Broken Desktop Shortcuts

in particular SPSS

At this time of year, people often find that some of their ‘Desktop’ shortcuts stop working. Especially for SPSS.
This is generally because, over the summer, lots of software that is hosted on the network using Microsoft APP-V (as opposed to being fully installed directly onto your local had drive) is updated.
SPSS is generally updated every summer with a new version and so any old shortcuts you created will no longer work.

Here’s what to do to fix it:-

1. Delete the old desktop shortcut to SPSS (or any other program that is causing you problems) TAKE CARE not to delete any of your data files,
2. Run the ‘add additional software’ utility. See picture … (start to type additional in the lower search box until the program is shown, then run it. It typically takes <30secs)
3. This should update your profile so that it points to the latest versions of all the networked programs. Note that it may leave some links to old versions too, so make sure you run the right version. The latest version of SPSS is v22.
4. Create a new desktop shortcut (if you want one) by clicking on the START button, then navigating to
– minimise all your windows
– All Programs
– Departmental Software
– School of Psychology
– IBM SPSS Statistics
– RIGHT CLICK on the program you want and drag it onto your desktop and select the ‘create shortcut here’ link

That should fix it but if you have any problems then give us a call.

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