N1.04 PC Upgrade part 2

When I referred to the installation as the fun part in my previous blog entry, I may have underestimated just how long it would take us to install 71 PC’s! My though, aren’t they pretty.  They pack a bit of punch too, Intel’s i7 processors and plenty of RAM to boot, they should chew through all the data you possibly summon in no time at all!


We’re not quite done yet either, we’ve a fair bit of rubbish to dispose of, including a small mountain of kettle leads, which is by no means an exaggeration.  It takes us about 20 mins per PC to, un-pack, plugin, make secure and power on. This doesn’t include installing the Student software build that each PC will have either.

In all thats 1420 mins to set up the whole room! Which is near as makes no difference 24hours!  This means between 3 of the team we spent 7 hours each setting up new PC’s!  I think it was worth it though, check out some of the shots below, I mean we have got you lucky lucky people widescreen monitors and everything! All the Keyboards and Mice are new as well, so there’s no way the N or the E key isn’t working on your Keyboard and you are definitely putting your password in wrong.

Can’t wait for you all to get back and try them out!

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