N1.04 PC Upgrade part 1

Exciting times are occurring for the Psychology technical team this week.  We have 70 brand new Dell PC’s arriving for the Schools very own Psychology Computer room!  More on those when they have actually arrived.

Before the team can do the fun stuff, we have to say goodbye to the old Compusys PC’s you all came to know and love… or perhaps get extremely frustrated with, due to their occasional slowness when attempting to analyse anything in IBM SPSS… I digress.

Yesterday we had the arduous task of rolling around in the dust on our backs, fighting with padlocks, wrestling with security cables and untangling a bazillion miles of power leads. On the up side, we did find a treasure trove of quite random things on the floor, in fact, if anybody is missing a hair extension, you may still be able to collect it from the bins behind Keynes College.

N1.04 is, at the moment a strangely empty place. Devoid of the hum of 70 PC fans, the silence only broken by the drone of the Air-Condioning, whipping up the dust that remains on the desks. Old PC’s are piled up as far as the eye can see, ready to be discarded like yesterdays news.

Before you all get too nostalgic and bleary eyed, take a look at a very empty N1.04 We won’t see this again for at least 4 years!



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