First milestone reached in our django-questionnaire package

We are busy at work on the OpenEthics project, and identified early on that there wasn’t a suitable django app for us to build dynamic application forms. So we decided to write our own, and publish it as a standalone OpenSource library called django-questionnaire.

We called it django-questionnaire, as we believe that in the web context, an application form is very much like a questionnaire, in that it has multiple groups of questions which must be answered by someone. We thought that if we developed it along the lines of a questionnaire then it would have broader re-use possibilities than if we developed it with just application forms in mind.

The source code is now available on github : , and as of this morning we have just committed code to mark our first milestone, which is a basic working version with no frills and whistles. We are hopefully going to be reaching our next couple of milestones in quick succession next week where we will be adding additional functionality (like being able to nicely view the questionnaire results).

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