The Film, Media and Culture Research Group is based in the School of Arts at the University of Kent.

The Group’s main objective is to support research about the intersections between film, media and culture. At present the Group is organising its activities around a tripartite focus on 1) contemporary society, 2) digital culture and 3) diversity. We are interested in investigating how notions including (but not limited to) technology, industry, identity, politics, nationality, gender, ethnicity, class and sexuality intersect within contemporaneous film and media landscapes. We welcome researchers and students from across the university whose work connects with some or all of the three main themes. We support, encourage and specialise in research that is collaborative, of high public impact, internationally leading, and interdisciplinary in scope.

The current Co-Directors of the Group are Dr Dieter Declercq and Dr Frances A. Kamm. If you would like to learn more about the Group or become involved in its activities then please get in touch: