Alumnus and honorary graduate Patrick Wright – ‘The Sea View Has Me Again’ at Waterstones in Canterbury

Alumnus and Honorary Graduate, Patrick Wright (English and American Literature 1970-73), will be talking about his latest book ‘The Sea View Has Me Again’, at Waterstones in Canterbury on Wednesday 3 November at 18.30.

The book is about a major East German writer who spent ten years living in Sheerness from 1974 to 1984, when he died under dire circumstances aged only 49. The book uses this Kentish material to tell a wider story of how we got from the 70s to the present. It uses a lot of autobiographical material drawn from Patrick’s time reading English and American Literature at Kent and living and working in Canterbury.

The new book emerges from an ongoing project that Patrick is doing with film maker Shona Illingworth, who is a present-day professor at the University.

There is also a review essay about the book in the present LRB, which may help give a sense of the project.