Arts and Humanities Heroes 2021

In a year quite unlike any other, we wanted to acknowledge how fantastically resilient our students have all been throughout an extremely difficult time.

To recognise this strength our students have all shown, our Student Experience team asked Arts and Humanities students to nominate their ‘hero’.  They were thrilled to receive so many positive and inspiring nominations – we hope these bring you a little piece of joy and a reminder that hope can always be found, even in the toughest times.

Calysta Goodwin

BA English and American Literature & English Language and Linguistics

Nominated by Imogen Barton

“Over the course of the lockdown and our second year of university, Calysta has helped a lot with my mental health and supported me throughout my degree. She deserves this award for her dedication to her studies and the continued support she shows all her friends.”

Phoebe-May King

BA English and American Literature & English Language and Linguistics

Nominated by Sophie Taylor

“If there’s one person who has made a huge impact on my time at Kent, it would have to Phoebe. Whenever I’ve been uncertain of a thesis statement, or have wanted someone to listen to a presentation, or have needed someone to read over a short creative story I’ve written, she has always given up her time to help me, given me advice and read over my ideas. In addition to this she has helped me grow in confidence with both my writing skills and communication skills. During my first year at university I really struggled with speaking up in seminars, as I feared people would judge me if I got an answer wrong, but Phoebe taught me that it’s okay not to be right all the time and that my ideas are worth speaking up about. I have since gone on to confidently stand up and give group and individual presentations in my classes and it’s all thanks to Phoebe. She believed in me when I didn’t and that’s why she’s my hero! I couldn’t have got through my university experience without her! Aside from being one of the most smartest people I know, she is truly a wonderful and caring person, that I am proud to call my friend.”

Imogen Barton

LLB Law and English Literature

Nominated by Calysta Goodwin

“Imogen and I have lived together throughout this very difficult year, and she’s honestly been an amazing friend. I’ve gone through an incredible amount of hardships this year, facing an extreme worsening of mental health, and Imogen never wavered in her support. She really helps me with my anxiety and in talking through all the things I’ve been through, and she’s been a great help in my studies as we both do the same courses for the English aspect of our degrees. All in all, she’s just a really wonderful person that I think should be recognised for what she’s done for me and for those around her.”

Vanessa Pereira

BA English and American Literature

Nominated by Claire Hurley

“Vanessa has done amazing work over the past two years in setting up the University of Kent Literature Society. This was aimed principally at assisting other students with their studies, but has now expanded to include talks, events and networking. Vanessa has gone above and beyond in her work for the Literature Society, and she is definitely a student hero of mine!”