Graduate profile: Samuel Wells, BA English and American Literature and Philosophy

Samuel Wells graduated from Kent with a degree in English & American Literature and Philosophy and now works as an Account Executive at Hanover Communications.

The academic staff at Kent are excellent. Enjoy the experience – try everything that Kent has to offer.

Why was Kent a good choice for you?

Kent was right for me because it was close to my home (Sidcup), had a good reputation and offered a great course.

You applied to Kent through Clearing. How did you feel at the time?

I felt defeated, in a way. I had just missed out on offers to universities which I had my heart set on for months. However, once I arrived at the campus in September I was so excited!!

What advice would you give to someone going through Clearing?

Please don’t feel like you’ve failed – you haven’t even started yet! By this, I mean that whatever results you got in your A Levels, that challenge is behind you now. Learn from it, and take on this brand new challenge. The academic staff at Kent are excellent, and the library contains the same books they have at Oxbridge – it’s down to YOU to make the most of them. Don’t let your self-value be determined by other people TOO much. Enjoy the experience – try everything that Kent has to offer.

Tell us about your career since graduating from Kent.

I started working at Hanover a Communications, a leading public affairs and corporate comms agency, as an intern in March 2019 while I finished my studies at Kent. After graduating in July 2019, and taking on more responsibility in the team at Hanover, I was promoted to Account Executive in October. I now work closely with leading FMCG accounts – including Lucozade Ribena Suntory, Mondel International (brand owner of Cadbury, BelVita, Oreo, Maynards Bassetts and Dairylea) and Camelot Lotteries – to help them communicate with their customers in the convenience, wholesale, grocery and foodservice channels.