Professor David Herd to speak about Refugee Tales at Maastricht University

Professor of Modern Literature, David Herd, will be giving a talk at Maastricht University on Tuesday 18 May at 20.00 titled, ‘Refugee Tales: writers tell the tales of immigrants detained indefinitely‘.

With books, walks and gatherings, Refugee Tales gives a voice to asylum seekers and refugees in the UK. Refugee Tales is an unusual project, co-organised by Professor Herd, that has been challenging the UK policy of indefinite immigration detention. Presenting their accounts anonymously, as modern day counterparts to the pilgrims’ stories in the Canterbury Tales, the Refugee Tales offer rare, intimate glimpses into otherwise untold suffering. Drawing on Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales for inspiration, each year the project organises ‘walks of solidarity’ through the English countryside – several days of trekking and telling stories along the way.

You can find out more about the event and join online.