School of English finalist, Martha Grogan, writes sonnet for Earth Day

Martha, who is in her final year of her English Literature and Creative Writing degree, has written a sonnet celebrating Earth Day 2021.

A Sonnet For Earth Day 2021


Anarchy’s blood runs a rainbow

And today we celebrate green.

Internet protests, where the resolution is low

With a revolution high on a pixelated screen.



Masked, take to the streets, raise your fist

And with plagued and polluted lungs yell,

“We can’t breathe!” Rebel and resist,

Before corporations poison the earth into hell.



As habitats are destroyed and the animals evacuate

To cooler poles, spreading more viruses and disease,

Announcing more epidemics that devastate

The already corrupted soil and adulterated seas.



The revolution will not be scheduled on a Zoom™ call,

And will require the participations of us all.