Declan Gilmore-Kavanagh guests edits journal issue on ‘Jonathan Swift and Queerness’

Journal for Eighteenth Century Studies

Dr Declan Gilmore-Kavanagh, Senior Lecturer in Eighteenth-Century Studies, has edited a special issue of the Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies on ‘Jonathan Swift and Queerness’, published this month.

In raising the topic of Jonathan Swift and queerness, we might just as plausibly ask: what is not queer about Swift? From the strangely erotic spectacle of libidinous Yahoos in Gulliver’s Travels (1726) to his gruesome suggestion to cannibalise Irish children in A Modest Proposal (1729), Swift’s satire singularly bristles with queer potential. The six articles in this supplement variously offer queer theoretical and pedagogical engagements with Swift’s work, while also, importantly, foregrounding how Swift’s writing was queer and queering in its own time.

Further details about the issue can be found on the publisher’s website, here: