Alumnus Daniel Keane publishes childrens book: ‘Foxes with Boxes’

Daniel Keane

BA (Hons) English and American Literature¬†alumnus Daniel Keane has recently published a children’s book entitled ‘Foxes with Boxes‘ (Olympia, 2020).

Finn the Fox is the hardest working fox, always delivering presents to all the kids all over the world! Join Finn as he delivers his biggest present yet, with a hidden surprise at the end!

‘I came up with the story towards the end of my third year’, explains Daniel. ‘While the topics I studied were more on the academia side of things, I’ve always been interested in developing a colourful kids book. The more wholesome and carefree nature of children’s books has been constantly engaging, and I think a bit of uplifting entertainment is needed in these times. I worked on the book alongside illustrator Ellie Barrett, also a Kent Uni student! When it came to finding a publisher, it took about 6 months to find something that fit for me. It took time, but I’m happy that I took that time and was patient with the whole process. To be honest, nowadays I’m not bothered at all if the book does well or not – just happy to say I have something like this out in the world’.

Further information about the book can be found on the here: