School of English: Statement on Racism

As a School, we want to acknowledge and recognise the institutional and social structural difficulties faced by members of Black, Asian and minority groups. We stand in solidarity with those that have experienced and all those fighting against injustice and racism. In particular we appreciate the work within the University by the BAME Staff Network, Kent Union, Kaleidoscope Network and Decolonise University of Kent. We are committed to responding to their work and other initiatives at the University in order to consider how best to address issues of racism and inequality at School, Division and University level. To that end, we want to continue to examine

  • Ways we can make our curriculum and teaching more inclusive
  • Ways we can encourage and support BAME applicants to the School, and ensure that BAME students are welcomed and supported within our community
  • Ways we can diversify our staff body, especially in leadership and senior positions

Should you have any thoughts or concerns regarding these matters please do email Dr Sarah James, Head of School: