International Mobility Fund

For Undergraduate Dissertation Research

The Faculty of Humanities is offering financial support from the Faculty’s International Mobility Fund for short-term trips abroad to carry out research for undergraduate dissertations. Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • short term trips to archives, libraries
  • short term trips to meet or interview people
  • visits of sites, places or institutions

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities particularly wishes to :

  • encourage student international mobility for research purposes from UG level
  • maximise, whenever possible, the use of our European Centres as a point of reference for students going abroad on short-term research trips

The deadlines for bids to the fund are 27 September and 15 November 2019.

Bids can be up to £400 and schools are expected to match-fund each award.

Students will be required to submit a final financial and academic report explaining the scholarly results of the trip.

International Mobility Fund for UG Dissertation Research

Complete the International Mobility Fund for UG Dissertation Research Form and send it to the Faculty Director of Internationalisation, Maurizio Cinquegrani ( with a copy to Monique Petit ( You should give a description of your dissertation project and explain why going abroad is a necessary part of your research. Explain exactly what outcomes you hope for from the trip abroad; if your application is successful, you will be asked later whether these have been met. You must give detailed breakdowns of your research plan when abroad (institutions you want to visit, people you aim to meet). Include a timeline and relevant documentation showing the arrangements you have made to access institutions/ meet people during your trip.

You need to include a supporting statement from your dissertation supervisor.

Upon return, a report should be submitted to the Faculty Director of Internationalisation within one month and the research project.