Wednesday 6th February, at 7pm in The Parrot (1-9 Church Lane, St Radigunds, CT1 2AG, Canterbury).

After taking a break for December and January, the DATABLEEDER poetry reading series, curated by Dr Nell Perry and Dr Juha Virtanen, is back with its first event of 2019.

The event will take place on Wednesday, February 6, for a 7pm start, at The Parrot (St Radigunds, CT1 2AG), and it will feature poetry from:

Poet currently trying to work on a new book and in between writing for magazines. My poems when they do decide to come out are realities I can’t contain. I’m hopping between these spaces and hopefully, I can account for them in words.

Emilia Weber is a poet and theatre maker currently undertaking doctoral work at UCL. Her poems have been published in DATABLEED, Zarf, and Front Horse and her first pamphlet Familiars (2017) is published by Sad Press.

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Tom Betteridge’s most recent pamphlet of poems is Body Work, published by Sad Press (2018). Pedicure was published by sine wave peak press in 2017. His poems and essays have appeared elsewhere in Textual Practice, Blackbox Manifold, Hix Eros, Intercapillary Space, The Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry, Jungftak, The Literateur, Scree, Spam, and Zarf, and in From London Out: An Anthology of Contemporary English Poetry (2017), edited by Luke Roberts.

And the following SPECIAL GUEST readers:

Shaan Saggar is a second-year student at Kent. She grew up in North London, and her poetry often engages with her identity as a second-generation Indian/Kenyan person.

Reece Cordery is a 2nd year student studying English at Kent. His poetry often experiments with language and sound, and engages with themes of sexuality and the present moment.

All this is all free, and all are most definitely welcome. Again: that’s a 7pm start, at The Parrot, on Wednesday, Feb 6 (aka a week from today).

If social media is the sort of thing you occasionally do, why not click ‘going’ on the FB event page here.

See you there!