Sex after ’68

May ’68 captured a revolution in many aspects of social life, but few have considered how the discourse and understanding of sex changed since this time.  If May ’68 shifted attitudes towards sex, what new worlds of sex have emerged during the last 50 years?

This conference brings together a diverse range of perspectives from literature, social theory, history and philosophy to consider the questions of sex and gender, queer and trans theory, body and desire and the new worlds of robots and sex and how our worlds of sex have been transformed and challenged since ’68.

Speakers include:

  • Michèle Idels, Co-directrice des éditions Des femmes, Paris
  • Elsa Dorlin, Professor of Political and Social Philosophy, Vincennes/St. Denis Paris 8 University
  • Bee Scherer, Professor of Religious Studies & Gender Studies and Director of Intersectional Centre for Inclusion and Social Justice, Canterbury Christchurch University
  • Declan Gilmore-Kavanagh, Senior lecturer in Eighteenth-Century Studies and Director of the Centre for Gender, Sexuality, and Writing, University of Kent, UK
  • Jeremy Carrette, Professor of Philosophy, Religion & Culture, University of Kent, UK
  • Loren Wolfe, Columbia University, Paris
  • Alex Goody, Professor of English, Oxford Brookes University, UK

Thursday, 15th November 10:00-19:30.  Columbia Global Centres, Paris.   Booking required through Eventbrite.