The Irish Writer in ‘Little England’

Dr Declan Gilmore-Kavanagh and Professor Jan Montefiore are hosting a symposium that explores the relationship between the Irish writer and 'Little England'.

How have Irish writers, dramatists, poets, artists, academics, thinkers, activists, performers, and other cultural producers worked to undermine, or indeed, support, an impoverished cultural imaginary of ‘Little England’?

According to Christopher Bryant, ‘Little England’ denotes  ‘… “a present-home” national community defined by a sense of place’. If ‘Little England’ is defined by its own sense of place, where might this place be? How have Irish writers inhabited it? What role, if any, have shifting Irish identities and cultural traditions played in defining ‘Little England’?

Please note that this symposium will now be held on Saturday 24 February on the Canterbury Campus, Cornwallis East, Seminar Room 1.

For more information, including the call for papers, please see the School of English conference page.