Mechanical Engineering students generate ideas on how to save energy in the UK

Mechanical Engineering workshop

Second Year Mechanical Engineering students at School of Engineering generated ideas in a workshop on how to save energy in the UK.

The workshop was part of the Stage 2 module on Entrepreneurship and Professional Development which is offered to students in Engineering programmes in order to improve their team-working, problem solving, and decision-making skills.

The students used mind mapping to identify technological, environmental, social and engineering solutions for saving energy in different sectors, such as households, buildings and industry.

The solutions ranged from energy production and storage to distribution and consumption and they covered a wide range of research subjects such as consumers’ behaviour, new combustion engines, fuel cell and battery technologies, hybrid cars, smart grids, and policy-making.

Dr Mahmoud Shafiee, Head of Mechanical Engineering said: ‘Energy is indeed as essential part of our daily lives and we use it to heat and cool our homes, schools, and businesses. Energy makes our vehicles go, planes fly, boats sail, and machines run. However, the reports reveal that a large proportion of energy is still wasted. Our students in Mechanical Engineering programme proposed impressive ideas to help individuals, businesses and industries in the UK reduce their energy wastes during storage, distribution and consumption’.

Mechanical Engineering workshop