Professor Yong Yan and Dr Christos Efstratiou awarded ‘Outstanding’ for Knowledge Transfer Partnership project

Dyrhoff Ltd

The School of Engineering and Digital Arts and the School of Computing are delighted to have been awarded the highest grade of ‘Outstanding’ by Innovate UK’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Grading Panel for their achievement in their KTP project.

Nationally less than 10% of the KTP projects receive this grade. The KTP project, entitled ‘Smart condition monitoring of inflatable rubber dams’, has been undertaken by Professor Yong Yan (EDA) and Dr Christos Efstratiou (Computing) in collaboration with Kent-based firm DYRHOFF Limited.

Further information about the project can be found here:

Prof. Yong Yan said: ‘I am delighted to receive the recognition from Innovate UK. The KTP project has brought significant benefits to our local industrial partner Dyrhoff Limited in terms of commercial competitiveness, to our own research team in terms of publications, patenting and updated curricula, and to the KTP associate who has been trained to a highly professional level. It is good that our achievements are recognised this way.’

Dr Christos Efstratiou commented: ‘This KTP project gave us the opportunity to work on challenging engineering domain where the introduction of smart sensing technologies has the potential to transform the industry. This award reflects the quality of the work that was produced in this project and the successful collaboration between our industrial partner Dyrhoff Ltd and the University of Kent team’.

Many congratulations to Professor Yong Yan and Dr Christos Efstratiou.