Welcome to Philipp Seiler, Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

Philipp Seiler

A very warm welcome to Dr Philipp Seiler, who has joined the School of Engineering and Digital Arts this month as Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering.

Prior to joining Kent, Dr. Seiler was a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge and at Purdue University, USA. He received his PhD from the Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany.

Throughout his research career, Dr. Seiler has worked with computational and experimental methods in the field of advanced manufacturing; examples of this include additive manufacturing and plasma spraying. The aim of his research has been to reduce carbon emissions and increase the efficiency of aerospace and reactor components. Specifically, he developed new high temperature material systems for gas turbines, classified new materials for nuclear reactors, and designed novel lightweight lattice structures of high toughness and high ductility.

Dr Mahmood Shafiee, Head of Mechanical Engineering and Deputy Head of School of Engineering and Digital Arts says: ‘We would like to give our warmest of welcomes to Dr Philipp Seiler who joined our school this month as a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering. We recognise the valuable contribution that Philipp’s expertise and experience in Materials and Manufacturing will bring to research and teaching, and we look forward to working with him’.