Super Science Rewards!

Science is not all about test tubes and labs – it can include breweries and patent law also…. read on to find out more!

Kent County Council – governing most of the non-metropolitan county of Kent, KCC are responsible for 12 district councils and around 300 town and parish councils.

  • They are providing an internship in the Sustainable Business and Communities Team focusing on developing understanding, approach and ability to respond in partnership to future environmental risks and opportunities as identified in the Kent Environment Strategy (KES).

ADEY – ADEY Professional Heating Solutions is the industry leading manufacturer of magnetic filters for the maintenance and protection of central heating systems.

  • They are providing an internship, working in the chemistry lab, utilising various instrumental techniques including ICP-OES and the photometric multi-analyser. There is also an internship in the micro-biology lab, which will allow you to cover filtration, plating, sterilisation and more!
  • There will also be 5-day work shadowing placements in both chemistry and micro-biology.

Dehns – consistently ranked in the top tier of UK firms by legal and industry guides, Dehns is one of Europe’s leading firms of patent and trade mark attorneys.

  • They are providing the opportunity for five students to attend a session on how to become a patent attorney, with expert CV and interview advice being provided.

Sweetinburgh and Windsor – this firm of patent and trade mark attorneys specialises in patents, trade marks and registered designs.

  • They are offering a Faculty of Science student the chance to spend two days shadowing a patent attorney.

Shepherd Neame – with origins tracing back to the early 1500s, Shepherd Neame is an English independent regional brewery founded in 1698 in Faversham, Kent.

  • They are providing a company experience focused on scientific manufacturing, including how to brew, the associated challenges and scientific processes. This will include a brewery tour and Q&A session with directors.

AbBaltis – founded in 2010, this company has swiftly become an internationally recognised and trusted supplier of a wide assortment of disease state plasma and residual clinical samples to customers across the globe.

  • They are providing a lab internship where the student will gain practical experience in Antigen Purification, testing, buffer preparation and redispensing.