EP Offers Exclusive Workshops!

This year, the Employability Points scheme have been able to offer even more amazing rewards to Kent students (860 rewards in total!). As well as work-based rewards, the scheme offer a host of exclusive skills development sessions from a range of amazing companies. For example:

The Global Growth Institute:

The Global Growth Institute work with Governments, companies and leaders across the globe to maximise their people investments. The company has been involved with EP since 2014 and this year, Wayne Clarke, co-founder of the Global Growth Institute, provided students with a bespoke EP reward addressing world class management and how they can develop these essential leadership skills.

The students really enjoyed themselves, and had this to say:

‘I found this workshop extremely inspiring, helping me to develop a future career in management.’ Nathan Attard (Stage 3, School of Arts)

‘I am delighted that I got the opportunity to receive this real demonstrable advice and see how it applies to the real world. This has been a good step forward in getting a career in management.‘ Betel Tsehay (Stage 2, School of European Culture and Languages)


Chaucer Speakers Club:

Chaucer Speakers Club offers opportunities for individuals to improve their public speaking and presentation skills. The club have also been involved with EP since 2014,  providing EP students with the chance to attend a public speaking masterclass!

The session provided students with the chance to learn about body language, the use of notes and ultimately, overcoming the fear of public speaking. The course concluded by giving students the chance to deliver presentations with feedback being provided by the expert trainers.

Club secretary, Adrian Hyner, commented on this year’s session: ‘The standard was really high, especially in the short time the speakers had to prepare. The students were very engaging and have been a great workshop team.’

The student feedback was unanimously positive:

‘It was good to practice talking in a supportive environment and calmed my nerves for future presentations!’

‘It was really good to hear about the areas that I needed to improve upon personally.’

‘I’ve done some public speaking previously, so this was a refresher for me – but I still learnt something new to take away!’

If you are disappointed that you missed out on this brilliant session, don’t worry, the club meets throughout the year and offers a student membership deal! For more information on joining the club, see here.



A few further examples of EP skills development sessions include:

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council: The council offer a skills workshop focusing on working in local government. The interactive session had presenters from heritage, museums, environmental health and more.

Pepsico: This reward focused on PR and Communications, providing an insight into careers dealing with face-paced issues and responding to issues in the media.

Bryncoed Productions: The television drama production company offered a session introducing the concept of working in the TV and media industry.

Santander: The bank offered a brilliant mock assessment centre to give students practice for the real thing! See the full case study here.

Becket Chambers: The chambers offered an exclusive workshop on advocacy. Nicole Bolick (Stage 2, Kent Law School) commented:

‘This workshop helped me become more aware about how important the way you speak in front of others is, especially in advocacy. As a group, we were able to really nit pick the way we speak and present ourselves in front of others and find the areas that we need to work on in order to improve our advocacy skills. It was such a fun and beneficial experience and I would highly recommend it!’

JPP Law: JPP Law held  a workshop on working in the legal sector. Nicole Bolick (Stage 2, Kent Law School) found the session very helpful:

‘This workshop opened up my eyes to all of the different factors that are considered when you apply to work at different law firms. It is so important to have skills and experience beyond having good grades in school if you want to succeed in the legal sector and this presentation really emphasised this. Plus, it was really cool to hear about the solicitor’s experience working at JPP law since it is a firm where the solicitors work remotely.’ 


This is just a taster of the brilliant rewards that EP offers!  As soon as term starts, we’ll be letting you know about the exciting opportunities that will be available in 2019/20. You can start logging your points now! Just click here.