Work Experience with the Brett Group

The Brett Group is the largest independent construction company in the UK, and has been involved with EP since 2012.

Saga Rad (Kent Law School, postgraduate) spent one week in the Brett Group’s Environment Department. She looked at the life-cycle of their sites and the environmental issues that they have to address. She gained an appreciation of the regulatory controls in place and spent a few days sampling on site and learning how the resulting data was processed, as well as taking a look at the regulator reports.

Saga reflected on her time with the company:

‘Spending a week at Brett Construction was very inspiring for my future career! I got an insight both in the theoretical and practical perspectives of environmental¬†regulation. I learnt in practice about concepts which I had only studied in class, such as impact assessments or environmental sampling. It was also really fun to visit sites, to get a taste of the daily working life, and of course to wear the Brett safety¬†helmet!’

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