Brett Group

EP Sponsor Profile 2019-20

The Brett Group is a successful, established construction and building materials group – the largest independent construction company in the UK.

Rewards 2019-20

For a sixth year, the Brett Group will provide one student with the chance to undertake a work shadowing placement within the in-house legal team. Furthermore, Brett are offering an exclusive work experience placements in both their IT and finance teams.

Student Testimonials

In Summer 2018, Saga Rad (Kent Law School, postgraduate) spent one week in the Brett Group’s Environment Department.

Saga reflected on her time with the company:

‘Spending a week at Brett Construction was very inspiring for my future career! I got an insight both in the theoretical and practical perspectives of environmental regulation. I learnt in practice about concepts which I had only studied in class, such as impact assessments or environmental sampling. It was also really fun to visit sites, to get a taste of the daily working life, and of course to wear the Brett safety helmet!’

To read the full case study, see here.

Furthermore, in 2015, Kent Law School student, Elouise Mitchell gained the chance to undertake an EP reward with Brett Construction. Here is what she had to say regarding her experience:

“I was very fortunate in being selected for a two day work placement with Brett Construction Group, in their in house legal department, based in Canterbury. The two days were jam-packed with a mixture of legal research and case studies followed by visiting sites across Kent and London that the legal team have been working to secure or develop.

It is so difficult to gain legal work experience, and doing something that is slightly different from the traditional Vacation Scheme or Mini Pupillage was a wholly interesting and enlightening experience. Before my work experience, I hadn’t even considered the route of working for a large corporation’s in house legal team, and now – I am tailoring my career path to work for a business with international links in the energy sector and I am hopeful that I will be able to work for their legal team.

I found my experience to be a lot better than I had expected, faster paced, interesting and enjoyable. Brett construction deals mainly with stone, aggregates and quarries – something I had never linked the law with, and it was amazing to see another way that the law affects the world. I am very grateful to have been selected for the opportunity and would recommend that all students, not just those from law, apply for this placement.”