Ling Lab

The ELL Linguistics Laboratory (LingLab) consists of members of ELL conducting experimental research on aspects of language comprehension/perception and production, and linguistic theory. Our current research focuses on speech production and perception, semantic/pragmatic processing, syntax, language acquisition, and cognitive stylistics.
Lab facilities are available to all ELL staff and postgraduate students and is also open to undergraduates undertaking dissertations in their third year. ELL members also have access to SECL’s recording studio and a multimedia lab which can be used both for research and teaching. Facilities are available for experimental and quantitative research in acoustics, sociophonetics, and speech and language processing and acquisition.
We are located in Rutherford, W4.6 (eye-tracking lab) and W4.S7-8.
LingLab director: Christina Kim
Executive director: Amalia Arvaniti


Eye-tracking lab (SR Research Eyelink1000 eye-tracker) Recording Professional recording studio Portable solid state recorders Microphones for various purposes Mac Pro computer for computational modeling Software Acoustic analysis: Praat, Audacity Statistical analysis: R, SPSS, Statistica Experiment presentation: Psychopy, E-Prime, DMDX Graphics programs for image manipulation Additional software (including Matlab and SAS) are available via the UKC …

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GRToBI corpus Useful links UCLA Phonetics lab – Praat scripts: UCLA Phonetics lab – Matlab scripts: ling-R-lang Archives: HLP lab blog: A guide on academic publishing by Brian Joseph:

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