“Sounds of Roman Egypt” exhibition

On the evening of the 21st January 2019, our project exhibition, Sounds of Roman Egypt opened at the UCL Petrie Museum. We marked the occasion with a Private View, where visitors could see our display for the first time.

Sounds of Roman Egypt display cases in the Petrie Museum. Photo: © Hypercube Photography | Oliver Siddons

Friends, colleagues, supporters, and collaborators joined us to celebrate the completion of this aspect of our project. It was exciting to see the artefacts we have been studying displayed so beautifully, and alongside our replica instruments within the cases. Sound clips of the replica instruments being played to Roman rhythms and accompanying song are available through interactive laptops and complement the replica instruments which are on hand for visitors to handle and play.

Visitor using the laptops to hear the sounds of the replica Roman instruments. Photo: © Hypercube Photography | Oliver Siddons.

We were also joined by musician Alan Bryant who brought a range of percussion instruments to supplement our replicas, which visitors could have a go at playing themselves.

Impromptu jam session at the private view! The Bes bell replica (UC8976) is being played to the left, and bird rattle replica (UC34972) played centre. Photo: © Hypercube Photography | Oliver Siddons.

The evening was a great success and a wonderful way to kick off the exhibition’s run. Sounds of Roman Egypt will be on at the Petrie Museum until the 8th June 2019 and is free to visit. See here for more details: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/culture/whats-on/sounds-roman-egypt

The booklets which accompany the exhibition. Photo: © Hypercube Photography | Oliver Siddons.

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