Electrical Engineering databases:

  • IEEE Xplore– database of journal articles, ebooks, conference proceedings and selected standards for use in the fields of technology and physics. This video tutorial will help you get started on using this database to find journal articles, reports, conference proceedings and more.
  • IET Research Hub – open access collection of 43 IET journals from 2013 onwards.
  • SPIE Digital Library – The largest collection of optics and photonics applied research, providing full-text access to technical papers from SPIE journals and conference proceedings from 1962 onwards.
  • ACM Digital Library – access the full text of all Association of Computing Machinery journals, magazines, and conference proceedings and e-books from 1985 onwards.
  • Web of Science – database of journal articles and conference proceedings across multiple subjects
  • Scopus – database of journal articles and conference proceedings across multiple subjects
  • JOVE -collection of video resources on engineering concepts and developments

 Useful websites for Engineering:

These resources are freely available on the web:

  • TechRxiv – is an open, moderated preprint server for unpublished research in electrical engineering, computer science, and related technology.
  • ArXiv – gives access to full text, open access research papers covering physics, mathematics and computer science.  It includes articles that have not yet been peer-reviewed / published
  • WolframAlpha – unique engine for computing answers, analysis and reports using expert-level knowledge and algorithms.

Professional organisations and societies:

The following websites are from key professional organitsations that may have relevant reports and current awareness in your discipline. You can follow these on social media to keep update with sector development and research.