Level up: A New Home For Economics in Sibson

Join us as we explore the excitement surrounding the School of Economics’ move to Sibson, as expressed by Dr. Alfred Duncan.

Here at the School of Economics, we are thrilled to present a new chapter in our journey. As we move forward to our new home at Sibson, we reached out to Dr. Alfred Duncan, and Dr Maria Garcia-Alonso to hear their thoughts on this exciting transition.

‘We really liked being in Kennedy, it has been a great home for economics since 2019.’ Alfred told us ‘But in many ways Sibson can offer our students a better environment than Kennedy, and we’re excited to make a new home there.’

‘The new building has excellent rooms for Economics Society and Kent Invest events (probably better than in Kennedy!) and some students will regularly have lectures and other classes in Sibson, which will occur in our new lecture theatres. In the middle of winter even the short walk from Kennedy to Sibson can be daunting so I’m sure many will be happy about this! We’ll even have views looking over the woods.’

‘Having been accustomed to our previous location, we are thrilled to explore the new possibilities that Sibson offers,’ Maria expressed. ‘This new building provides our students with an array of fantastic study spaces across all levels, including a particularly inviting one on the ground floor.’

She continued, ‘It’s essential that our students feel at ease while engaging in their academic pursuits, and Sibson facilitates just that. With easy access to both academics and professional services, this new environment caters to all our needs.’

Dr. Garcia-Alonso emphasized the support available for students within Sibson, saying, ‘Our wing houses the student support and employability teams, making it accessible at the reception desk on the ground floor. We believe in fostering an environment where our students can thrive.’

‘We are also proud of the award-winning quiet study and breakout spaces within the School of Economics wing at Sibson,’ she added. ‘It’s a space we hope our students will find inspiring and enjoyable as they embark on their academic journey with us. ‘

Moreover, Maria revealed her creative plans for personalizing the space, saying, ‘I’m excited to collaborate with our students on adding a touch of individuality to our study areas. I believe the input from a student-led focus group would make this process even more organic and enriching.’

‘The academic societies will also have the privilege of showcasing their work in the glass wall display cases on the ground floor,’ she happily informed us.

As we approach the move, Dr. Garcia-Alonso expressed her anticipation for the café that awaits the students in Sibson. ‘A cozy café in the heart of our new home will provide our hardworking students with much-needed coffee breaks and moments of relaxation.’

With enthusiasm and a strong sense of community, we look forward to creating a vibrant and promising future for economics at the University within the walls of Sibson.