Academic Peer Mentoring Applications Are Open!

Do you remember your first few weeks at uni? Getting lost on campus, not knowing where to find your textbooks, or not knowing what events and help were available? That new student feeling happens to pretty much everyone, which is why the Academic Peer Mentor scheme was created.

What is Academic Peer Mentoring?

The Academic Peer Mentoring (APM) scheme partners experienced students with first-year students to support their learning and transition to University study. APM is a voluntary scheme that is flexible, confidential, and fits around the availability and preferences of the students involved. Full training is provided online by SLAS and is compulsory for all mentors.

This is a great opportunity for students who:

  • want to help fellow students develop their understanding of their subject,
  • who want to meet new people and work closely with their School,
  • who want to recap materials covered in previous years,
  • or simply want a new experience for their CV!

In addition, you will be helping students have a positive first year at University and beyond.

What is the role of mentors?

  • to provide support and encouragement to other students
  • meet face-to-face or online on a weekly basis
  • facilitate study discussion and practice
  • keep a record of mentoring interaction
  • sign-posting support services

Share your university wisdom with new students by becoming a Peer Mentor. Not only will you enhance someone’s university experience, you will build your own interpersonal, communication and leadership skills at the same time.

“My experience as an Academic Peer Mentor has been eye-opening, as I felt that it was nice to help others who were in my position before, and I was able to support them as they were learning the ropes about the university and what it is like. Not only did I teach them, but they also taught me as well, in terms of what it was like to be in a role such as Peer Mentoring. It is nerve-wracking at first because you don’t want to mess up and you may feel that whatever has worked for you, may not work for them, but actually, you just never know till you try. I am glad I became a Peer Mentor, it definitely shaped me into a better person”

Interested? Apply to become an APM for 2021-2022!

Find more information about the APM scheme here or email

Visit the Student Liaison Advisory Service’s Moodle Page for the application form and portal to submit