Kent alumni launch podcast discussing academic’s ideas that have the potential for ‘real world impact’.


School of Economics alumni Aniq Ahmed alongside Kent Law-School alumni and now lecturer, Dr. Deepak Mawar, have teamed up to explore the ideas that can shape the world on the House of Wisdom Podcast.


“I was helping Deepak prepare for his viva for his PHD. We spent hours discussing his thesis and realised there were so many ideas in there that, if developed further, would have real world practical impact. We both concluded that there are probably quite a few academics out there who may go under the radar yet are working on really important world changing ideas. We both decided it would be truly insightful to invite them on to a show so we can discuss these ideas and in some cases flesh them out further to see what more could be done with them.”


They came up with the mission statement:  “An idea is a powerful thing. It can make us look at the world around us and realise the need for change, even giving us the impetus to do so. We believe that such ideas should be championed and discussed. Every month we invite experts from the fields of Politics, Economics, Law and beyond to delve into their work and highlight the important impact it can have on the world, be it small or large. Here at the House of Wisdom we explore the ideas that can shape the world.” 


Interviewing academic influencers about the impact of their ideas, they have taken on topics such as modern slavery, innovation and big data.


Have a listen.