Economics at Kent achieves top results in the National Student Survey 2020

More than 94% of our students* who completed the survey expressed their overall satisfaction with the quality of their course; this places Kent firmly in the top 5 nationally. The School also showed a marked improvement in all questions relative to last year.

Dr Maria Garcia-Alonso, Director of Education at the School of Economics, commented, “Our success in the NSS is the product of a strong partnership between our academic staff, student support staff, academic societies and all economics students who constitute our Learning Community.”

Professor Alastair Bailey, Head of the School of Economics, commented, “I am delighted that the School has continued to improve on its performance and maintains one of the highest student satisfaction rates in the UK. This places Kent Economics back where it belongs, as one of the very best places to gain your undergraduate Economics education.”


*full-time Economics students studying for their first degree in the UK