Swale Academies Trust visits School of Economics

Keynes College

On Friday 23 March, we welcomed a group of students from two schools within the Swale Academies Trust. At the start of the day, students from the North School, Ashford and the Community College Whitstable were joined by Dr Joe Watkins from the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science, who ran an entertaining session on the ‘Maths of Juggling’.

Afterwards, PhD students Guillermo, Kemi, Mumba and Yannis led fun and engaging sessions to give students a basic understanding of economic principles, game theory, and how their maths skills can be applied. They delivered two workshops focused on the Prisoner’s Dilemma and the Law of Diminishing Returns. After lunch, the students went on a short tour of the campus with Undergraduate Student Ambassadors.

The day finished with a prize presentation for the students who had accumulated the most points from the day’s activities, including a School of Economics hoodie and Easter eggs. The School would like to thank everyone who was involved, especially Guillermo, Kemi, Mumba and Yannis who put so much enthusiasm into the sessions that they delivered.