Economics of Development

Economics of Development, Tenth Edition by Prof Tony Thirlwall

The 10th edition of Professor Tony Thirlwall’s textbook, Economics of Development: Theory and Empirics, now co-authored with Dr Penélope Pacheco-López, is published this month by Palgrave-Macmillan Press. The first edition of the book, which was entitled Growth and Development: with Special Reference to Developing Countries, was published in 1972 based on Tony’s lectures to undergraduate and graduate students. It is used widely across the world, particularly in India, and there are Greek and Chinese translations of previous editions.

The 10th edition has an important new chapter on Human Capital: education; the role of women in the development process, nutrition and health. The chapter on Development and the Environment, originally written by John Peirson, has been substantially revised by Iain Fraser.

The book is available to purchase from Palgrave:

Plus there’s a companion website that provides teaching and learning resources and further information about the authors.

“Economics of Development is by far the best undergraduate textbook in development economics (…) an essential reference for students and scholars alike.”

Kunal Sen University of Manchester