International recognition for leading transport economist

Leading economist Professor Roger Vickerman has been awarded an international prize for his transport research.

Professor Vickerman, of the University’s School of Economics, was awarded the Jules Dupuit Prize on 15 July at the World Conference on Transport Research, held in Shanghai, China.

The prize, which is awarded every three years, acknowledges Professor Vickerman’s lifetime achievements in the field of transport research.

Professor Vickerman’s research has focused on the relationship between transport, especially infrastructure, and regional development and integration in the European Union.

In addition, he has worked on issues relating to Public Private Partnerships in transport. He has also served as a member of numerous Parliamentary committees on transport related issues and is a member of the Economic Advisory Panel for the HS2 project.

The conference was organised by the World Conference on Transport Research Society, which provides a forum for ideas on transport from different global stakeholders.

The prize is named in honour of Jules Dupuit, a 19th century French engineer-economist considered to be the founder of transport economics.