Workshop: Economic and Psychological Perspectives on Social Issues using an Experimental Approach

The Eastern ARC Quantitative Social Science section at the University of Kent would like to invite academic staff and postgraduate research students to participate in a workshop ‘Economic and Psychological Perspectives on Social Issues using an Experimental Approach’ to be held at the University of Kent on 20-21 April 2016.

The purpose of the workshop is to highlight the synergy of research in economics and psychology with the aim to foster collaboration among students and faculty. Potential topics of interest include, but other topics falling within the remit of the workshop will also be considered:

  1. Cognition and Coordination, e.g. focal points in bargaining, social communication, reasoning in games
  2. Group Processes, e.g. peer effects, pro-social behaviour, social exclusion, prejudice and discrimination, honesty and cheating
  3. Risk attitudes and social/redistribution preferences, e.g. evaluation of environmental risk and uncertainty, attitudes to fairness and inequality, response to punishment or reward, poverty and self-control problems

The faculty participants will include:
Dr Edward Cartwright, Professor Roger Giner-Sorolla, Dr David Hugh-Jones, Dr Fernanda Leite Lopez de LeonDr Subhasish Modak Chowdhury, Dr Anders Poulsen, Dr Odile Poulsen, Dr Anna Stepanova, Dr Giovanni Travaglino, Professor Ayse K Uskul, Dr Zaki Wahhaj.

To participate please submit an abstract for a spoken presentation (20 min), OR an abstract for a poster. Abstracts should be between 100-200 words. Please send submissions to Katy Wade ( by 25 March 2016, under the title ‘SUBMISSION EXPERIMENTAL WORKSHOP’. Announcements will be made on 31 March 2016, the final programme will be available soon after.

The workshop is free for all Eastern ARC staff and PG students to attend. Travel support for staff and PG students from UEA and Essex might be provided for by their respective EARC institutions.


The University of Kent, Canterbury Campus:


Directions for travel:


Denise Lovett
Dr Edward Cartwright
Dr Fernanda Leite Lopez de Leon
Dr Odile Poulsen