Summer Challenge – 300 miles in 10 days!

Pete Shaw, a third-year Economics student, is one of 10 members of the University’s Athletics and XC Club taking part in the Cants2Dam Summer Challenge, a 300 mile run from Canterbury to Amsterdam. The event is in support of the British Heart Foundation and every runner will complete the 300 mile distance, this is not a relay!

The team will set out off from the University’s Canterbury campus on 15 June to Dover, before catching a ferry across the Channel.  After an overnight stop they will begin their 9-day journey to Amsterdam, via Brussels. The participants will be camping each night, and on average will cover 30 miles a day, totalling the equivalent distance of 11.5 marathons.

The School would like to wish Pete and all the runners the very best of luck with the challenge, and would like to highlight the Just Giving website, where there is an opportunity to donate to the British Heart Foundation.

Key Dates
15 June – Leave Canterbury campus
19 June – Arrive in Brussels
24 June – Arrive in Amsterdam 

Photograph courtesy of Sam Allard Photography.