New module on Economic Controversies

Keynes College

The School is introducing a new 15-credit module to the Economics Stage 2 and 3 options list.

The module, entitled ‘Economic Controversies’, will teach the skills of economic reasoning and argument by exposing students to the big debates within the discipline and in economic policy.

The module draws on current and past controversies across many economics sub-disciplines.
This equips students with the ability both to understand and contribute to the debates surrounding the recognised controversies within the discipline. The curriculum also provides an insight into the academic and professional development of the discipline.

Four controversies are covered each academic year, drawn from a range of topics pertinent to the discipline and relevant subdisciplines, for example: ‘Is the living wage a good idea?’, What is the best way to understand inflation?’, Are currency unions ever a good idea?’ and ‘How far should governments intervene in markets, families and the way individuals make choices?’.

Economic Controversies (EC538) will be available to study in Spring 2016.