School expert appointed to Defra’s Economic Advisory Panel

Professor Rob Fraser of the School of Economics has been appointed to sit on the newly formed Economic Advisory Panel to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). The panel will provide advice, support and new research insights to Defra’s economists and policymakers. Rob Fraser is Professor of Agricultural Economics and has an international research reputation as a policy economist, specialising in both agri-environmental and invasive species policy design and evaluation.

One key issue for the panel is likely to be environmental regulation and its relationship with innovation, growth and business behaviours.

The panel will hold its inaugural meeting later this month.


Purpose of Defra’s Economic Advisory Panel

The role of the DEAP is to provide an independent challenge and support capacity to Defra’s economists.


  • To challenge, steer and strategically review Defra’s approach to economic analysis in specific areas
  • To provide new ideas and insights and connect Defra to cutting edge economic research
  • To provide advice as requested on specific economic issues
  • To advise on and critically assess how Defra collects and utilises economic evidence and advice
  • Individual members may also be asked to provide advice or support or be commissioned to undertake particular pieces of work on an ad hoc basis