BJIR Best Paper Award 2008

It is announced that the BJIR Best Paper Award 2008 will be assigned to Francis Green for his paper “Leeway for the Loyal: A Model of Employee Discretion” published in BJIR (British Journal of Industrial Relations) March 2008 issue.

The award will be announced in the September 2009 issue of BJIR journal and the winning article and author will be profiled on the journal’s website – the article will be made available in electronic form.

The article “sheds new light on a topic of considerable interest to the Journal’s readers, namely the determinants of task discretion. At its heart is a parsimonious model which establishes the importance of employee loyalty in determining the amount of task discretion employees experience given employer concerns about workers’ preparedness to shirk. The theory is neatly elaborated and tested with linked employer-employee data in a way which is both compelling and fun to read.”