Inaugural Meeting

25th April 2018

16.30-18.15 Lattergate Board Room, The King’s School, Canterbury

The King’s School, Canterbury and the Philosophy Department and Outreach Programme at the University of Kent are organising a forum for teachers of Philosophy and Religious Studies, or related disciplines.

An initial meeting is planned for Wednesday 25th April for teachers to meet, consider ways forward for the teachers’ network and to get a taste of the type of events we may put on in the future.

We are lucky that Dr Graeme A Forbes from the University of Kent has agreed to give a talk on meta-ethics to support delivery of the Religious Studies and Philosophy Specifications at 6th Form (Divine Command Theory, Naturalism, Non-naturalism) including a survey of the contemporary meta-ethics scene.

Our proposed agenda:

4.30   Introductions. Discussion, ‘Why have a Teachers’ Philosophy Network?’ and sharing of ideas for future meetings.

5.15   Tea

5.30   ‘Meta-ethics today’, Dr Graeme A Forbes

6.00   Q&A session